Bound For Botany Bay

Instead of the clatter of marching feet

the rain came with a patter and a pounding beat

no need for hats or to stand in the shade

the day Sydney rained on our parade

The day before had been quite extreme

all new music with a Gallipoli theme

although our fellows in ANZAC land

the Kiwis sent only the Wellington band

On Saturday in sight of Harbour Bridge arch

it was going to be a commemorative march

to honour the fallen in the ground beneath

a service and the laying of a bandsmen’s wreath

Sunday saw a standing ovation

for the band from the two island nation

who won and did so with gentlemanly grace

with last year’s winners in second place

A decision had to be made and made pretty quick

with the sudden unavailability of Dick the Stick

so B Grade MD Josh put up his hand

said he had what it took to take the band

He had been handling the preparation

was ready to meet with the best in the nation

the band like King Arthur refused to yield

and finished the battle in the middle of the field

The second band had their day in the sun

and finished higher than Band Number One

a win in the Own Choice and third overall

those pranksters really answered Josh’s call

At the end of the night we felt pretty special

but it was too late for a formal social

though many among us chose to tarry

till late in the welcoming Hotel Harry

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